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Celebrity Big BOTHER.

When we’ve reached the crushing post-Christmas slump, the days continue to be short and they’re filled with cold winds, drizzle and existential misery, Channel 5 immediately ‘come to the rescue’ in January with their annual series of Celebrity Big Brother. … Continue reading

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Top of the Pops 2, Bad Hair Jokes and Seventies Poo.

As a TV peruser, which oddly sounds like some kind of voyeuristic, cringe hungry pervert (not far off), I’ll admit I love a bit of Top of the Pops 2. For anyone unfamiliar, Top of the Pops 2 is basically … Continue reading

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X Factor: It’s just Herpes really.

It’s like the worst Herpes flare up you could imagine, but you’re not alone. Most of the nation is talking about it, what’s worse is most of them enjoy it. Everyone has an opinion on your Herpes, some are very … Continue reading

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